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Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching provides students from elementary school to university the opportunity to learn the tools and strategies they need in order to succeed, essentially helping them learn how to learn and make healthy choices. Focus is placed on strengthening executive function and academic skills to support the development of self-management, independence and self-esteem by integrating evidence-based strategies & a heartfelt approach rooted in attachment and emotion coaching. 

What happens in a Coaching session?

Coaching sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of students through the integration and application of crucial executive function skills and active learning methods. Students attend sessions on the same day at the same time each week and work with their coach to:


(1) Learn strategies & skills to support organization, time management, executive function development, study skills and academic strategy, accountability, active reading comprehension, structured writing skills, and build self-confidence & independence.

(2) Implement the strategies they've learned in a structured and accountable way. With support from their coach & parents, along with practice, follow-up, and accountability measures, students will begin to implement these skills & become independent learners over time. This can take place over several months or years. 

What do students work on during their sessions?

Active Learning & Executive Function Skills: Active & critical thinking, situational awareness (understanding the space you’re in and your role in this space), flexible thinking, development of healthy routines, electronic management, emotional control, and self-monitoring strategies. 

Organization & Time Management Skills: Managing materials, planning & prioritizing, using a visual planner to manage and track time, breaking assignments into small & manageable parts, and using an agenda properly & effectively. 

Study Strategies & Test PreparationHow studying works, how to prepare for a test, effective note-taking strategies, previewing and pre-teaching upcoming academic material, how to study effectively, how to effectively answer various types of test questions, planning & estimating time during the test itself, and evaluating test performance.

Active Reading for Comprehension: Reading actively, reading for comprehension, previewing, finding the main idea, strategies for inferencing & reading between the lines, establishing connections, and identifying themes and literary devices. 

Written Expression Development: Breaking down written work, developing a plan for written assignments, brainstorming & idea generation, developing a structured outline, developing strong thesis statements, paragraph and essay writing, and editing your own work. 

Specialized Academic Support: Specialized academic support tailored to meet the needs of students who learn in varying ways, application of coaching tools and strategies to assigned work, pre-teaching and re-teaching through differentiated learning methods, academic remediation, and body doubling & homework completion support and supervision. 

Fees for Student Success Coaching

Blueprint Session - $165.00

All new students begin by attending a Blueprint session where an assessment of their current situation, needs, and areas of strength and improvement are identified. A plan of action is then formed and acts as the basis for future coaching sessions. Includes 45-minute session and a written report detailing the student's action plan.

Coaching Session - $110.00

Students attend a weekly session, on the same day and time, for the duration of the school year. Includes 45-minute session and detailed session notes for parents. 

Virtual Touchpoint - $35.00

For students who attend weekly sessions and need a little extra in-between -- 15-minute virtual touchpoint meeting to check in together, plan and prioritize that day's work and newly assigned items, touch base about pressing items, review plans, etc.

Note: We provide insurance receipts under naturopath for all sessions. 

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