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The summer is the perfect time to build foundational skills to last all year long!

Summer Session: July 3 to 28 2023

Reading Comprehension & Written Expression

Supports students to develop and enhance their reading comprehension and written expression through the development of hands-on, participatory & active techniques and strategies. It will include reading between the lines and inferencing, identifying themes, developing plans for written work, idea generation and writing strong and structured paragraphs.

Duration: 8 sessions (preferably twice per week)

Cost: $760.00

Coached Academic Remediation

Students will be able to enhance and solidify their academic skills and fill gaps in courses such as math, science and history.


Duration: 8 sessions (preferably twice per week)

Cost: $520.00

Back-to-School Kickoff: August 14 to 25 2023

What is our Back-to-School Kickoff?

Students will meet with their Coach, early, before school begins. During this time, they will work to get organized, develop and refresh their routines and time management efforts related to school and academics, and review important study strategies.

Duration: 4 sessions (twice per week)

Cost: $380.00

* All students must have had a Initial Consultation session before beginning any sessions at Brightside Learning

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