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Our Team

We help students and families who are affected by ADHD and executive functioning difficulties achieve academic and personal success by providing evidence-based strategies, advocacy, cheerleading, and support from the heart. We provide more than just coaching — we change lives :

  • We go above and beyond.

  • We are change-makers and cheerleaders.

  • We go beyond listening--- we hear from the heart.

  • We seamlessly integrate intuition and action.

  • We follow through and get it done.

  • We believe that success is fluid and can be achieved by everyone.

  • We believe in fairness, honesty and accountability.


All of our Coaches have broad, rich and varied backgrounds in related fields, such as education, psychology and human relations. After navigating our highly selective hiring process and successfully completing our specially-designed Brightside training course, our team holds extensive knowledge about coaching, executive functions, ADHD, learning disabilities, and building important and impactful relationships with students and families. They also gain access to an enormous database of strategies and academics supports, as well as regular opportunities for professional development. 


Robin Bernstein

CEO & Founding Director


Angie Gjika

Angie Gjika

Specialized Tutor


Melissa St.Onge Bitmoji.PNG

Melissa St. Onge

Executive Function Coach



Christina Puliatti

Lead Executive Function Coach



Liam Spears

Executive Function Coach


PNG image-8A421B27CDDE-1.png

Laura Bondi

Brightside Administrator



Madelynn Hunt

Executive Function Coach

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