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I am a Specialized Teacher, ADHD & Executive Function Coach, and the Founder of Brightside Learning. Over the past 15+ years, I have put my heart and soul into helping students and families affected by ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, learning disabilities, and anxiety, build academic and executive function skills, develop self-confidence, manage anxiety, and become active and engaged in their own learning and lives through personalized coaching programs. 

There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of knowing you have helped impact and positively influence the life of a student, it's one of the most rewarding and heartfelt feelings ever -- your heart just feels like it wants to burst. The success I have personally witnessed has been life-changing, not just for the students but for me as well!

That is why I created The Brightside Method for Coaching and Tutoring -- so that all students can access support to help them thrive! I believe that supporting student development and success encompasses a family heartfelt approach. With foundations rooted in attachment theory, emotion coaching and executive skills coaching, it combines best practices for supporting students to achieve success through skill-building in executive function development, critical thinking and doing, emotional intelligence, academic strategy and becoming active and engaged participants in their own lives. It also focuses on equipping parents and teachers with the skills, strategies, structure and methods needed to support students as they flourish.


Our Approach ensures that students feel valued & understood -- and know that we're all in this together

Complex learners and their families partner with a coach and/or tutor to develop and implement the skills and strategies needed for success. As a team, we support students, help them do what we're asking them to do + what's required, and eventually reduce support slowly over time. 

We are their safety nets and they can count on us. We're in this together. 

And together eventually leads to independence

Our Approach is Evidence-Based with Foundational Roots in:

Peg Dawson & Richard Guare's Smart but Scattered Approach

Russell Barkley's theory of ADHD + treatment approach

Dr. Gordon Neufeld's Attachment Modalities

The Gottman Institute's Emotion Coaching

Sarah Ward & Kristen Jacobsen's 360 Thinking Program

Best practices for academic strategy, reading comprehension & written expression development

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