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But the Dog Ate My Homework

Articles to support the development of executive function skills, self-management & accountability in students

One of the first things we teach students in coaching sessions is that as of right now, they are a person who will stay true to their word and follow what they have committed to. "But the Dog Ate My Homework" is meant for students and families to support the integration of accountability and follow through into everyday life. 

How can your child climb the tree of success?

How success is achieved depends on each person's needs and strengths.

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Getting Organized

Organization of materials is a crucial part on the road to success!

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What is Homework?

Homework is very complicated, let's learn about everything that's involved in it!

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Planning & Time Management

Planning and time managmenet are very important skills to learn!

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Effective Study Strategies

Let's learn about effective study strategies!

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How I Know I Did My Best

Helping students develop pride in the work they complete enables them to be successful!

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