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Study Hall + Body Doubling = Student Success

Historically, a study hall is a structured environment that acts as a dedicated time and place for focused academic work. In theory, this sounds great, but students who struggle with executive functions need more than just a place to do their work -- they also need accountability! That's why we incorporate body doubling, a practice where a person with ADHD or executive function difficulties works on and completes potentially frustrating tasks with another person, who acts as their body double, into our sessions. 


Combining our study hall with body doubling makes it a powerful tool for student success

✅ Safe, encouraging & structured environment

✅ Calming & supportive supervision

✅ Predictable setting where good study habits can be built

✅ Focus on concentration, productivity & accountability

✅ Reduced anxiety & less overwhelm 

✅ Understanding & non-judgmental presence

✅ Opportunity to utilize & develop self-regulation skills

How does it work?

  • Our Study Hall takes place in small groups (maximum 6 students) and is offered to students in high school, Cegep and university

  • Sessions are offfered in 1.5 hour blocks -- students can stay and complete their work for up to the full 1.5 hours

  • Each student joins the session virtually and will work in their own private breakout room, providing privacy and a quiet environment

  • A Brightside Tutor will get each student set up with their plan for the day and provide accountability check-ins and support throughout the session to ensure they stay on track

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