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Fees for Services

Executive Function Coaching

Blueprint Session - $165.00

All new students begin by attending a Blueprint session where an assessment of their current situation, needs, and areas of strength and improvement are identified. A plan of action is then formed and acts the basis for future coaching sessions. Includes 45-min session and written report detailing student's action plan

Weekly Coaching Session - $110.00

Students attend a weekly coaching session, on the same day and same time, for the duration of the school year. Includes 45-min session and weekly follow-up through text check-ins for students and parents, planning, and correspondence with school & student's professional team.

Virtual Touchpoint - $35.00

For students who attend coaching sessions and need a little extra in-between sessions -- Fifteen minute virtual touchpoint meeting to check-in together, plan and prioritize that day's work and newly assigned items, touch base about pressing items, review plans, etc.

Academic Support

Add-on service for students who attend coaching sessions--

Academic + HW Support - $65.00 per hour

Students meet one-on-one with their Academic Coach to receive specific academic support through diverse and differentiated learning methods, and/or homework support (making a plan for that day's work, implementing the plan with support, and submitting and completing work as needed) using executive function coaching strategies. 

Study Hall - $50.00 per session

High school and college students attend small group (up to 6 students) virtual study hall sessions of up to 1.5-hour blocks. It is a private setting within a small group virtual environment -- students are each placed into individual breakout rooms and receive supervision, prompting and check-ins. 

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