What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching provides students from elementary school to university the opportunity to learn the tools and strategies they need in order to succeed, essentially helping them learn how to learn.


Academic Coaching helps students by focusing on strengthening their executive functioning skills, therefore enabling them to better self-manage and become productive, independent learners.

How does the Coaching Process Work?

Step 1: Relationship-building

The Academic Coach works to build a strong and secure relationship with students by working to earn their trust and buy-in to the process, and by helping to get them and their parents into a structured plan that puts everyone on the same page. 

Step 2: Learning Skills & Strategies

Students and families learn tools and strategies to help them with organization, time management, study skills, accountability, active reading comprehension, growth mindset and structured writing skills. These are developed little by little over a period of approximately two months. 

Step 3: Implementing (or doing

Students work with their Academic Coach to implement the strategies they've learned in a structured and accountable way. With support, practice, follow-up and accountability, students will eventually be able to master the implementation of these skills and become independent learners. This can take place over several months or years. 

What happens in a session?


Students connect with their coach & discuss how their week went, assesses what went well in their schedule, celebrate successes & identify where improvements are needed.

Getting Organized

Student works with their coach to manage their system of organization, ensure they have all the items they need to complete their work, identify their study space & organize their online items.

Time Management, Action & Accountability

Student works with their coach to develop an after school routine for the upcoming week by going through their upcoming school work, break large assignments into small, manageable parts & develop an accountability plan.  

Modeling & Skill-Building

Students work with their coach to identify how to get started on their assignments, develop and expand their executive functioning skills, and enhance skills in note-taking, active studying, active reading comprehension, essay writing & math problem-solving. 


Connecting with Parents & Looking Ahead

At the end of the session, coaches invite the parents into the session to ensure the plan of action and strategies learned are transferred to home. 

In-Between Sessions

In-between sessions, coaches check-in with students & parents about their progress & provide support as needed. Students may also enroll for Specialized Tutoring, Study Buddy and/or Daily Check-in Sessions to further support their success. 

Sessions integrate the following:


Active Reading

Time Management

Essay Writing


Family Dynamics

Goal Setting 

Growth Mindset

How to Study

Managing Stress

Note Taking

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