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The process of getting to know each student starts at their Blueprint session. This meeting takes place with the student and at least one parent (for college and university students, parent involved can vary). In this session, we will discuss the student's areas of strength, where improvements need to be made, and assess the student's suitability for coaching.

How will we meet?

Our session will take place either in-person at the DDO office or via Zoom meetings. Zoom meeting links will be sent out on the morning of the session. 

What do I need?

School bag and/or school items (AS IS / DO NOT CLEAN FIRST) & login information for school accounts.

How do I pay for my session?

The cost of the session is $165.00 and you can make your payment by filling in the details below. Once you press SUBMIT, your payment will be processed right away and your credit card will be stored on file for future approved transactions. 

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