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Happy Kids

Coaching for Students & Families affected by ADHD & Executive Functioning Difficulties

Achieving Student Success Through Coaching

Organization, Time Management & Planning -- Oh my!  Sometimes, when students are struggling academically, it's not related to the actual course content but rather about how they approach their schoolwork & the study methods they're using (or not using). We support the development of executive function and academic skills to enable student success!

We work with students who are:

  • Affected by ADHD, learning disabilities and/or executive functioning difficulties

  • Don't often use their agendas and try to manage things in their heads

  • Leave their work until the last minute

  • Often text friends to find out the homework or send pics of the workbook pages to do

  • Have a hard time finding their materials or are an "organized mess"

  • Say they're studying but the test results are not where they should be

  • Have difficulty getting started, staying on task and staying motivated

  • Often lose marks because they don't read and/or follow the directions

  • Struggle to break large assignments into smaller, more manageable parts

  • Have difficulty understanding the text, reading between the lines and relating it to the larger context

  • Have difficulty with writing & structuring essays

  • Are struggling with self-esteem or who are feeling bad about school

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