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A Heartfelt Family Approach to Supporting

Student Success + Executive Function Development

This student is working actively. How can we tell? 

This student is demonstrating that she is engaged in what she is doing by using her finger to point to the part of the text that she is focusing on. She looks around the page and moves her pointing finger around as she does so, working to find what she is looking for. She nods her head as she goes along and moves her mouth while she reads. She appears to be reflexive and thinks about what she is learning. She looks away and then smiles. She has evaluated her progress and is proud of herself when she's done. 

Wouldn't it be incredible if every student could become independent, confident and active in their own learning & life?

#3- Slowly, over time, the student implements the skill independently, with less and less

We work with students (and their families) who:

  • Are affected by ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning difficulties, or who are not achieving school success as expectd

  • Don't often use their agendas and try to manage things in their heads

  • Leave their work until the last minute

  • Often text friends to find out the homework or send pics of the workbook pages to do

  • Have a hard time finding their materials or are an "organized mess"

  • Say they're studying but the test results are not where they should be

  • Have difficulty getting started, staying on task and staying motivated

  • Often lose marks because they don't read and/or follow the directions

  • Struggle to break large assignments into smaller, more manageable parts

  • Have difficulty understanding the text, reading between the lines and relating it to the larger context

  • Have difficulty with writing & structuring essays

  • Are struggling with self-esteem or who are feeling bad about school

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