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Happy Kids

Coaching & Academic Support for Complex Learners & Families affected by ADHD & Executive Functioning Difficulties

Every student can climb the tree of success with the right tools & strategies.

The famous quote, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing it is stupid" demonstrates the problem with standards and norms perfectly -- it also summarizes what complex learners and their families go through on a regular basis. We are talking about great, capable students who are struggling academically, with executive function skills, personally and/or with their mental health. We are talking about students who want their hard work to pay off and feel successful. They want to feel heard, valued and understood. They want to feel better... 


This is where we come in -- We help the fish make it to the top of the tree! We help the fish reach its potential and thrive!


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#3- Slowly, over time, the student implements the skill independently, with less and less

We work with students (and their families) who:

  • Are affected by ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning difficulties, or who are not achieving school success as expectd

  • Don't often use their agendas and try to manage things in their heads

  • Leave their work until the last minute

  • Often text friends to find out the homework or send pics of the workbook pages to do

  • Have a hard time finding their materials or are an "organized mess"

  • Say they're studying but the test results are not where they should be

  • Have difficulty getting started, staying on task and staying motivated

  • Often lose marks because they don't read and/or follow the directions

  • Struggle to break large assignments into smaller, more manageable parts

  • Have difficulty understanding the text, reading between the lines and relating it to the larger context

  • Have difficulty with writing & structuring essays

  • Are struggling with self-esteem or who are feeling bad about school

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