How to get set up on Trello

Here is step-by-step information about how to get set up on Trello (the new app we're using for student communication):

1. Download the Trello App on your device (this is what the app looks like):

Trello app icon

2. Sign up with the email address that you were invited (enter your information & click "I just want to start using Trello":

Sign up on Trello 1.jpg
Sign up on Trello 2.jpg
Sign up on Trello 3

3. Trello will create a board for you (press the x at the top left corner to get to the main menu):

Sign up on Trello 4.jpg

4. Trello will send you a confirmation email when you set up your account. Go back to your email and confirm your account.

Sign up on Trello 5

5. Go back to the Trello app and the board you were invited to should now show up on your main page:


6. Set up the notifications:

Watching on Trello 1.jpg
Watching on Trello 2.jpg
Watching on Trello 3.jpg