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The summer is a great time for students to enhance their foundational academic & executive function skills --

distraction free!

What do students work on during the summer at Brightside?

* All students must have had a Blueprint session before beginning summer sessions. 

* Summer Session takes place from July 1st to August 15th

Executive Function Development

Focus is placed on understanding, strengthening and developing strateiges to support executive function development. Strategies and skill-development around situational awareness, flexible thinking, time awareness, doing, following through and planning will be emphasized.

Reading Comprehension & Written Expression

Supports students to develop and enhance their reading comprehension and written expression through the development of hands-on, participatory & active techniques and strategies. It will include reading between the lines and inferencing, identifying themes, developing plans for written work, idea generation and writing strong and structured paragraphs.

Study Skills

This will help students learn the basic study and organizational skills needed to achieve academic success. Topics covered include the development of systems of organization, planning for tests and assignments, as well as strategies for note-taking, studying and test-taking.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Students will have the opportunity to work on a combination of skills and strategies from all areas, based on their particular needs, identified in their Blueprint session plan of action.