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study skills COURSE


1- Getting Organized

Students will learn about organizing their physical mateials related to school, including having a system of how to manage their stuff, as well as identifying a suitable future study spot.

2 - Time Management

Students will learn about planning and managing time when related to their schoolwork. They will learn strategies to break tasks into small parts, use visual calendars, lists and reminder cues, as well as practice breaking tasks into small parts. 

3 - Note-Taking

Students will develop systems and learn different methods to enhance their note-taking skills and understand how to make notes quizzable so that they are ready to study when tests are announced.

4 - Menu of Study Strategies

Students will learn a variety of active, hands-on, and accountable study methods to use when preparing for tests and exams. 

5 - Avoiding Procrastination & Road Blocks

Students will learn how to identify and have a plan in place to avoid procrastination and other road blocks, such other distractions (phones, gaming, other electronics, loud siblings, etc.). 

6 - Test-Taking Strategies

Students will learn strateiges that they can implement while taking tests and how to address various types of test questions (multiple choice, short answer, long answer, compare and contrast, etc.). 

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