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Tutoring for
Reading Comprehension
& Written Expression

How does it work?

Students meet one-on-one, either virtually or in-person at our offices, with a Brightside Tutor to work on reading comprehension and written expression. During these sessions, they are coached to utilize their executive function skills to improve comprehension of texts and written structure and format. Areas of focus are based on each student's individual needs and include: 

Strategies for Active Reading

Students will learn strategies for being active participants when reading, such following along with the text, reading aloud in their heads, using pointers and other tools, as well as making notes or marking the pages. 

Previewing & Finding the Main Idea

Students will learn to preview what they will be reading about, make educated predictions, evaluate their predictions, and then find the main ideas as they go along in the text. 

Inferencing & Reading Between the Lines

Students will focus on understanding what a text is trying to tell them when it's about more than just what is directly written. Tools and strategies to learn to read between the lines will be presented. 

Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Students will learn how to generate ideas through various brainstorming methods and frames, as well as how to group similar ideas together and then create an order for the progression of their ideas. 

Planning for Writing

Students will learn how to create a strong outline for written, incorporating the ideas they brainstormed. They will organize their ideas and begin building paragraphs using various graphic organizers. 

Thesis Statements

Students will learn how to develop strong, precise and comprehensive thesis statements to ensure they are expressing their points in the expected and ordered way.

Writing Strong Sentences & Paragraphs

Students will put all their ideas together to form strong and sophisticated sentences and paragraphs. They will develop a framerwork for writing which includes transition words and grade-appropriate vocabulary. 

Revising & Editing Your Work

Students will learn about how to not only edit, but also revise, revist and enhance their written work. 

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