The Importance of Summer Learning during Uncertain Times

And the bell goes R-IIIIIII-NNNNN-GGGGG, students run out of class, empty their lockers, and IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Not this year... This year is different. There will be no running out the door, there will be no sweating in class during those final days in June, and students' lockers were either emptied by their teachers or by appointment, in masks and with social distancing measures in place. These are not regular times and this is not a regular summer. And that's why learning executive functions skills this summer is even more important than ever before.

What are executive functions and why are they important?

Executive functions are the managers in our brains that help us deal with the demands of everyday life, such as planning, organizing, managing time, prioritizing, goal-setting, and following-through. They are what help students manage information, hand in work on time, get started on their assignments without procrastinating, and become independent, successful and accomplished.

What else should students focus on learning this summer?

This summer, students should also focus on improving the skills that will help them better navigate their courses next year, such as active reading comprehension and essay writing. These are the crucial building blocks for success in all future classes-- successful students are able to know how to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to derive insightful meaning from what they are reading and then explain their thoughts in concrete and appropriate ways. It's also a great time for students to preview what will be coming up next year in the core subjects, such as math, science and history.

Brightside can help build these important skills in executive functions, reading comprehension and essay-writing by providing a 6-week curriculum which includes weekly sessions with an Academic Coach and an at-home learning plan. Additionally, we can also provide specialized tutoring in the core academic subjects. Visit this page to learn more about our summer program and contact us today to book your Blueprint session to get started!

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