Wishes & Dreams for a Successful School Year

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

As the new school year begins, I would like to share my hopes, wishes and dreams for your very special, important and unique child.

May your child have a year filled with happiness, laughter and success.

May your child feel accomplished and determined often, and accepted always.

May your child experience understanding, support and encouragement from their school team and teachers.

May your child discover and embrace their true self this year and share it with everyone around them--- and upon opening up may they feel acceptance and inclusion.

May your child demonstrate courage and be willing to take risks to ask for help when needed and stand out from the crowd this year.

May your child possess strength of heart and character, determination, and dedication to rise above and conquer whatever they encounter.

And above all, this year, may every child get exactly what they need to be best version of themselves always.

On behalf of the entire Brightside team, I would like to wish every child and family their best year yet!

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