an investment that makes a difference


Step 1: Initial Phone Call

Before signing up for sessions, book a free 30-minute phone call to discuss student's background and needs, as well as learn more how Brightside's services work & discuss suitability for coaching. 


Step 2: Blueprint Session

All new students begin by attending a strategy session where they work to put together a blueprint of their current situation & needs, set short & long term goals, and identify areas of strength & where improvements needs to be made.

Cost: $125.00 per session


Step 3: Start Weekly Sessions

Academic Coaching: Students meet with their Academic Coach for up to 45 mins on a weekly basis to work on areas identified in their blueprint, including organization, time-management, study skills, prioritizing upcoming work, making actionable study plans, note-taking strategies, developing active reading skills and organizing essay writing. Includes unlimited follow-up via our communication apps & access to Office Hours on Sundays. Cost: $80.00 per session. 

Daily PlanningStudents will meet with an Academic Coach by video for 15 mins to get them successfully set up to complete their homework that day. This time will be spent going through the student's homework routine (i.e. checking online teacher classrooms, entering new information into calendar, etc.), and acting as their cue to get started! Cost: $22.50 per session.

Study Buddy: Students will meet with their Study Buddy to complete their school work by implementing the strategies and tools planned out and discussed in their weekly coaching sessions. Cost: $40.00 per hour.

Note: Daily Planning & Study Buddy services are only available to students enrolled in weekly Academic Coaching sessions.

Note: We are happy to provide insurance receipts under the category of naturopath. These receipts are accepted by most insurance companies in Quebec but we advise you check with your company to ensure coverage. 

Higher Ed Agreement for Services