Blueprint Session

All new students begin by attending a Blueprint strategy session where they discuss their current situation & needs, set short & long term goals, and identify areas of strength & where improvements needs to be made.


Duration: 1 hour | Cost: $150.00

Brightside Coaching

Coaching provides students from elementary school to university the opportunity to learn the tools and strategies they need in order to succeed, essentially helping them learn how to learn and make choices that lead to success. Focus is placed on strengthening executive function skills to enable improved self-management, independence and self-esteem, as well as addresses the development of organization, time management, planning, reading comprehension and written expression.


Duration: 45 mins | Cost: $88.00 per session

Add-on: Daily Planning Check-ins

Fifteen minute virtual meeting to plan and prioritize that day's homework and newly assigned items. This time will be spent going through the student's homework routine (i.e. checking online classrooms, entering new information into calendar, etc.), and acting as their cue to get started.


Duration: 15 mins | Cost: $25.00 per session

Add-on: Specialized Tutoring

Students will meet a specialized tutor and learn academic subjects such as math, science and history through differentiated learning strategies. We keep in mind that all students learn differently and work to support through previewing, re-teaching, and enabling independent application of the materials being taught.


Duration: Hourly | Cost: $65.00 per hour

Add-on: Study Buddy

Students will meet with their Study Buddy to complete their school work by implementing the strategies and tools planned out and discussed in their weekly coaching sessions. Sessions can be used for studying, getting quizzed, practicing note-taking, writing essays, and completing projects.


Duration: Hourly | Cost: $45.00 per hour

Summer Programs

Students can attend weekly coaching sessions, with or without a specific focus (executive functions, reading comprehension & written expression & study skills. 

Duration: 45 mins | Cost: $88.00 per session


*We provide insurance receipts (naturopath) for all of our services.

*The academic year runs from Sept 1 to June 15; summer sessions run from July 1 to Aug 15.