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Every student deserves to

reach their full potential & be successful.


When students are struggling academically, sometimes it's not related to academic subjects, but rather it's about how they approach their school work and the study methods they're using (or not using).

Academic Advisor

It is taken for granted that students already know how to learn, self-manage and manipulate information, even though this is not usually taught at school. And sometimes students do not learn these skills naturally, like schools think they do.

and even smart students need to 

learn how to learn!

These crucial skills for success are called


At Brightside Learning, we specialize in building these skills for success & focus on helping students who:

Are affected by ADHD and learning disabilities

Leave their work until the last minute

Often text friends to find out the homework or to send pics of the workbook pages to do

Say they're studying but the test results are not where they should be

Have difficulty understanding the text, reading between the lines and relating it to the larger context

Have difficulty with writing & structuring essays

Don't often use their agenda & try to keep track of work in their heads

Have a hard time finding their materials or is an "organized mess"

Have difficulty getting started, staying on task and staying motivated

Often lose marks because they don't read and/or follow the directions

Struggle to break large assignments into smaller, more manageable parts

Are struggling with self-esteem or who are feeling bad about school

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