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Academic Coaching: More than tutoring

Academic Coaching closes the gap

between ability and achievement by helping students learn how to learn

Academic Coaching provides students with opportunities to learn the tools and strategies that they need in order to succeed. Based on their learning styles, they receive support in discovering their personal strengths and interests, while learning the academic tools necessary for breaking tasks down into smaller steps.

Tutor versus Academic Coach

A tutor helps students understand subject-specific content, often through memorization & repetition, focusing on the short-term goal of re-teaching academic materials. Tutoring uses a directed teaching approach; responsibility is placed on the teacher and the tutor, to quickly increase student knowledge. The main goal is for the students to become successful in a particular course or subject. Consequently, on-going tutoring can create a dependency, since the child does not have to take charge of his/her educational experience; a skills crucial for success in academics & life.

A tutor can prepare you for a test on Friday, but an Academic Coach can prepare you for a lifetime of learning

An Academic Coach addresses the reasons why a student is struggling with content so that they can eventually learn on their own. There is a long-term focus on the collaborative development of academic skills and strategies that can be applied in all subject areas and used throughout the student's academic career. Responsibility for learning, therefore, is placed on the student him/herself, with the main goal being success in school. Weekly sessions reinforce learned skills by providing opportunities for students to incorporate them into their schoolwork and receive regular feedback from the coach. These weekly sessions also create routine and structure, while the coach provides motivation, thus building confidence. 

Reviewing for the Exam

Study Skills


Time Management

Homework Management



Reading Comprehension

Essay Writing

Math Problem-Solving

Stress Management

Test-taking Strategies

Memorization Techniques

Academic Remediation



ADHD Coaching  for students involves the formation of a partnership that takes coaching skills knowledge of ADHD and executive functions into account. 

ADHD Coaching

Students with ADHD can benefit from coaching by having a partner who can help them form good habits implement structures that will provide the support they need to consistently stay on track, follow-through and accomplish success. The coach, as a non-judgmental partner, can help the student to reach his/her goals; through the coaching sessions, the youth become accountable for his/her own actions & behaviors by facing the truth about performance patterns, through the promotion of productive-thinking & problem-solving.  

ADHD Coaching helps to make school &     life more manageable by working to build routines and skills for success!

ADHD Coaching can help with:

Time management

Establishing healthy routines & habits

Getting to class & appointments on time


Keeping track of things

Following a schedule

Waking up & staying up

Getting to bed

Getting along with parents & family

Paying attention & taking notes

Managing short & long-term assignment

Planning & prioritizing

Making decisions & problem-solving

Negative self-talk

Managing stress

Establishing realistic goals

Self-monitoring & self-awareness