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 Homework & Academics

Brightside tutors are different -- they're amazing at working with students who are neurodiverse & also happen to be amazing at teaching

Homework Support

During these one-on-one sessions, students receive support to apply the strategies and methods they've learned in their coaching sessions to the completion of the homework and studying. 

Step 1: Determine your Homework and Study Plan

With support, students plan out that day's work by using a visual planner that breaks tasks & studying into small, manageable parts, sets priorities, and estimates time. 

Step 2: DO your Plan

After students plan their work, then they will implement their plan by putting it into action. They will also receiv academic support if needed. Attention will be paid to ensuring that work is done properly, thoroughly and the application of coaching strategies will be integrated.

Step 3: Accountability

Once the work is complete, all items will be submited as expected and/or that items are packed away into the right places where they can be easily found the next day. Additionally, after each session, parents will receive detailed session notes.

Specialized Tutoring

Students receive differentiated subject-specific tutoring to support their understanding and development in a specific acdaemic subject through the following method: 

Preview Upcoming Work 

Working one-on-one, students will preview (or pre-learn) upcoming academic materials. This allows them to get a first look at the materials in a one-on-one environment that holds their full attention (no distractions like in a classroom) and uses differentiated learning strategies and methods. 

Learn it a second time in class

When learning the materials in class, it will be the second time they area being exposed to the subject matter. Since they had pre-teaching, they will already be aware of the subject, have an understanding of it, which will help them stay more focused and keep up with the class. 

Independent Practice

Students complete their homework and practice examples using the steps and strategies outlined in both their sessions and by their teachers. 

Re-teach and review

Students will review their independent work, go over any issues or concerns, re-teach and review where necessary. 

Study Hall

Historically, a study hall is a structured environment that acts as a dedicated time and place for focused academic work. In theory, this sounds great, but students who struggle with executive functions need more than just a place to do their work -- they also need accountability! That's why we incorporate body doubling, a practice where a person with ADHD or executive function difficulties works on and completes potentially frustrating tasks with another person, who acts as their body double, into our sessions. 


Combining our study hall with body doubling makes it a powerful tool for student success

✅ Safe, encouraging & structured environment

✅ Calming & supportive supervision

✅ Predictable setting where good study habits can be built

✅ Focus on concentration, productivity & accountability

✅ Reduced anxiety & less overwhelm 

✅ Understanding & non-judgmental presence

✅ Opportunity to utilize & develop self-regulation skills

How does it work?

  • Our Study Hall takes place in small groups (maximum 6 students) and is offered to students in high school, Cegep and university.

  • Sessions are offfered in 1.5 hour blocks -- students can stay and complete their work for up to the full 1.5 hours

  • Each student joins the session virtually and will work in their own private breakout room, providing privacy and a quiet environment.

  • Each student will receive support to set up their plan for the day and will be provided with accountability check-ins and support throughout the session to ensure they stay on track.

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